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“Please, Joshua!” Lani began. “I’m sure you won by a landslide!”

She admired the kind of person that Joshua was. He came across as so calm and well put together; he was another strong role model for the student body. Kind was probably a fantastic descriptor. All these attributes made spending time with him in this kind of environment all the more enjoyable.

Lani was pleased that Joshua had let Nate stay. She enjoyed his company too; he seemed so much more earthed than half the school, and had comparability to her as well. She knew the studying would help Nate feel much more confident about the test, and he looked like he could do with a morale boost of some sort.

“I’m glad they taste good!” Lani mentioned as a giggle protruded from her lips. Her prayers had clearly been answered: she’d burnt far too many lemons than she would care to admit trying to get the batch as perfect as she possibly could. Without Flannery’s help, her persistence might well have been futile. Joshua had even offered her a taste of the creation, however she decided to decline, moving her hand in a dismissive wave. “So sweet of you Joshua, but I’m fine for the time being. You go ahead!”

Nate’s increased volume on his call out to Jane gave Lani a little bit of a jump. She wasn’t expecting it, that’s for sure, and hoped simply that a librarian wouldn’t heed the resounding voice. “Um. I’m fine; again, up to Joshua; he’s the tutor after all.” Trying to sound sensible, non-deflective, and of course, actually fine. The girl approached them, with a reintroduction Lani thought largely unnecessary. Maybe she had just felt the need to mention it twice? Lani smiled, coercing her wandering mind back into uniform.

“Hello Jane,” Lani started; she really didn’t know much about Jane, and from the initial interaction, she felt quite awkward—being around new and unfamiliar faces did that to her—but she hid it as best she could, to not make Jane well out of place. That would be worse. “My name is Lani.” She stated, continuing on. “It looks as though you know Nate already, and this is Joshua, my junior math tutor.”

Could she get one? Lani was taken a back briefly—it wasn’t the way she would go around asking for food that looks as though it were made out of special occasion. Again, Lani was being wrongfully judgmental; fair trial and all that? She shook it off. She wouldn’t hand Jane one herself, as there were of course not hers to give.

“My mum and I made them for Joshua; he’s really been helping me and my grades. They’ve actually jumped nearly a full letter grade!” The uneasiness returned. She didn’t really want to continue speaking, and while forcing the decision on or address of her question onto Joshua wasn’t a choice she wanted to make, she told herself it made more sense for him to be the one to respond.
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