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"Jesus had a brother? I thought he was born from some chick who never had the sex and all?" Irene managed to make that sentence sound even more uncomfortable than the sum of it's words. "But no, that totally makes sense," Irene held Abby's gaze evenly, one could see the neat pirouettes of the little gears in Irene's brain through the clear of her eyes. Really, it only made sense. Implicit lessons from the accounts of someone who had borne witness to what the reader was actually supposed to learn from, in this case god and stuff. Secondary source, pretty much. The same kind of shit Irene would be dropping on her Tolstoy essay, though possibly with less pretty language. Or more, if she wanted to give Webber a headache. "I mean one of the things is that the guy in the sky's word is supposed to be interpreted by the followers, not just spelt out? Well making it hearsay like this just enforces that. Pick out the meaning from the meaning hidden within the story and all. You know, I bet all these Bibles and stuff would make good fodder for English class." Irene swore there was further points she could have made with her improvised discourse but her mind was already veering away, tires of her mind screeching as they banked to the heavens.

In other news. Irene really wanted to play Fallout again, now that she'd reminded herself. Other other news, the compliment had worked. Abby's cute little giggle was infectious, it was well received as Irene herself giggled. Half on imitative impulse, but she was legit feeling the vibes. Why didn't she hang out with this girl more? She had something of a mean niceness about her, it seemed to saturate the very air. Okay, page turn:

'And a final word to you arrogant rich: Take some lessons in lament. You'll need buckets for the tears when the crash comes upon you. Your money is corrupt and your fine clothes stink.'

Damn, did that mean Irene had to do laundry more often? She would hate to have some sort of miasma following her just because she happened to drown in brands and all that.

"Five nights..." Irene murmured. That was a lot of nights, so went the gospel of Rene (1:1). "That's insane! How do you find the time to have spare time and all that?" Spare time, that's what the first verse of Rene would be on. 'Spendth thy time on the god given game of two dimensions'. Throw in praise of the waifu and heck, that was half of Irene's character on paper. "And I've been, uh. Climbing rank in League of Legends, if you ever heard of it. I mean it's no charity work and all that awesome stuff you do, but I wanna be the first girl pro gamer in the world. Well, secondish."

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