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"Well..." Abby started hesitantly. It was always a little tricky trying to explain her roundabout way of understanding the Bible without sounding completely crazy. "It's a little complicated, to be frank. I'm not too interested in talking to James, though I'm sure he was a swell guy what with being the brother of Jesus and all! For me, though, reading the Bible is about seeing what God had to say to someone else, or at least what they thought He did, and what He can say to you through that, if that makes any sense?" It probably didn't. This was one of those struggles of not being a "yes sir" sort of Christian, as she put it. People got your points a lot quicker when they were straightforward, even if that made them worse points in her opinion. The good Lord never promised her or anybody else the easy way, though, so she couldn't complain.

She giggled a bit at the imagery of Irene's...compliment? It sure felt like one, and she liked to assume the best. Irene didn't seem like the type to work in sneaky back-sass for no reason. Not that Abby knew her extremely well, but she'd never heard tell of Irene getting into that sort of trouble, and she wasn't about to side-eye someone for making pleasant conversation. That kind of thinking just got you all tied up in knots and worries until you assume everyone's got something nasty to say about you!

Irene seemed interested in her work at the shelter, and in her Bible, so she nodded eagerly as she let her turn the page onward. "Mmmhmm! Usually three or so afternoons and nights at Cornerstone or Safehouse, then maybe a night or two at my dad's vet clinic, and as much time as I can with the family." That had been less and less recently, as she spent more time at one shelter or another. Three nights was probably a conservative estimate, to be honest. She felt a little guilty about that, but there were so many people in need. The notion shook off as she forced herself back into the present and smiled up at Irene. "How about you? What're you getting up to these days?"
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