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Oh good, and he was providing commentary. Because that's what this game needed. Colour commentary from King Asshole. (Although he had a point about goal posts. Why would you call them goalposts if your goal was to aim somewhere that wasn't in between?)

Clarice could literally feel the bile rising in her throat at the idea of being one of Bradley's notches. The expression on her face was similar to that of someone who'd just found a dead rat being devoured by maggots, and she made an audible shudder.

She wasn't going to even dignify that with a proper verbal response, because what the hell did you respond to that with? Well, Kimiko knew. Clarice read the message on Kimiko's phone and snorted.

Nice,” she signed, before Kimiko showed it to Bradley.

She managed to hit one of the two remaining pins, putting her one behind Kimiko. Not too bad. There was time to catch up, if she didn't get thrown out for attempting to make Bradley shut up with her fists. But no. She wasn't going to do that. She wasn't five.

Enjoy your lead while it lasts.” She grinned at Kimiko.

They were going to have fun, goddammit. And Bradley 'Dead Baby Comedy' Floyd was not going to fucking ruin it for them.
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