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Clarice, to her credit had enough 'go away' sentiment for both of them. It covered all their bases well. Kimiko smiled when Clarice turned around after her bowl and started signing to her.

"Difficult, unless you 'accidentally' throw it backwards." She paused and gazed down at the garish eighties incarnate that was the carpet. It gazed back with all the shades of neon Kimiko could imagine. "I don't think it's possible to make this carpet worse though."

Then of course Bradley started talking again, as he always did. Kimiko wished there was a way to shut him up. He was aggressively unfunny. She turned around, right into Bradley winking at her. That was something she had no interest in seeing. There was never ever any chance she was going to end up as a 'notch on his bedpost'. He knew that, of course he did. He knew the same went for Clarice. But he just had to say it because that was what Bradley did, he just said disgusting, offensive stuff all the time.

Kimiko rolled her eyes and mimed forcing herself to throw-up. Then she thought of the perfect comeback. She knew she it was a bad idea to encourage him but Kimiko couldn't stand just letting him say whatever he wanted. That idea was as bad as the idea of Bradley himself. Holding up one finger she pulled her phone out and typed a note on it.

"Would that give you a grand total of one?"

Once she was done she showed it to Clarice first before holding it up for Bradley to see.
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