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Jerry didn't try to punch him off the glove touch. That was an unexpected bonus, he did however say 'Hit me with your best shot'. Trav sighed, that was going to be stuck in his head for the rest of the day. Jerry still seemed super up for the sparring session, which was unexpected. Trav had been thinking Jerry was going to back out, that he was all bark and no bite. He had more respect for him for sticking with it. That didn't mean he wasn't going to style it out. No, that option was always on the table when Trav fought.

Stepping back into a southpaw stance Trav got his guard up and moved towards Jerry, weight forward on the balls of his feet, a slight bounce in his step. Head down and chin tucked in, right hand slightly further forward than normal. He felt like trying out his counter right hook. It was just a waiting game to see if Jerry was going to oblige him. If not he was going to the left leg kicks. Jerry always talked about doing karate and karateka as a general rule tended to have trouble with leaving the front leg out. Easy pickings for scything low kicks and Trav did love kicking off his left leg as well as kicking his opponents leg off...or any part of their body really.

As things were though he pawed out with his right hand a couple of times, trying to egg Jerry into lunging forward. Onus was on him anyway, he had less reach.
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