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"Oh, just James," she said idly as Irene perched over her shoulder, "I'm not scratching for anything particular today, just seeing what the good Lord has to say." Abby had no clue if Irene was particularly religious or not, but most folks around Kingman would probably pick up what she meant. Her smile turned playful as she raised her eyebrow slightly. "So far he's not too talkative, but I got my ears put on the wrong way 'round this morning."

Some people might object to the intrusion of personal space, but Abby wasn't one of them. She liked being close to folks, and Irene had never done anything to rub her the wrong way, so she was free to get as cozy as she liked. With a round finger, she traced along the verse she'd just been reading. "Lots of talk about not sassing or undermining folks for spite, mind, but I can't think of anybody I'm lookin' to badmouth?" Shelley's parents and the nasty thoughts she'd been biting back about them drifted across her mind, causing her to grimace. "Not anybody He's not already got an earful marked for someday, leastways."

She nodded when Irene mentioned her busy lifestyle. "Well, the family and the shelter and the clinic all keep me hopping in their own way, it's true, but it's the kind of busy I like to be caught up in. There's nothing quite like easing somebody else's struggle...even if they can't do much more than purr and rub your hand to give thanks," she said with a chuckle. "I'm sure I don't have to tell you none of that, though. You've always seemed like the kind of gal with a heart for others."
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