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Hi this is me bumping my relationship thread again since I have a new character now. Say hi to her, she's nice.

Jasmine King: Thinks she's smarter and more talented than you, but you likely don't know that. Born into a super rich household, Jasmine struggles to get attention/praise from her parents due to her older brother, Julian, doing everything she does but better. To try to catch up to her older brother and to be seen to be as good as him in her parents eyes, she tries to be perfect in everything she does, from her academics to her performances on the piano and violin. This has resulted in both anger issues and a superiority complex, with the former generally happening when things don't go her way and in a way that's generally destructive to her and the people/things around her. She's also a social media flower and a total gossip queen, and while she has no interest in being popular she loves gaining information about other people (and sharing it, if she feels like it), because she loves the sense of power that she gets from having dirt on people. She's not a total bitch, however, and her circle of friends is filled with people she genuinely likes and respects, even though she tries to associate with people she feels aren't threats. Other hobbies include tennis, poetry, crime fiction, theatre, and posting on a tumblr blog.
Looking For:

  • Friends! I'd imagine that she'd be in a close knit circle of girls around her age group, united through similar interests and shared intelligence (but also controllable and less intelligent than Jasmine). She's a pretty loyal friend (and fairly touchy-feely) so long as you fulfil those criteria. She'd also be friends with guys but more in the line of acquaintance rather than close friend.
  • I really want her to have a total dumb guy-crush which she hates since it eclipses her mind at random points and makes her lose focus. So long as a guy's cute enough anybody would be fine here, although I'd like it if they shared a hobby so that she'd have interaction with them outside of her having a crush on them.
  • I'd also super be into her having a former friend that she ended a friendship with either because they became a threat to her and/or they hit on her. She wants to be the best person she knows and while she wouldn't call herself homophobic she's super uncomfortable with the idea that one of her close female friends may like her.

If you think that your characters could be friends with her please post or PM me! I think I might be set for Jeremy and Alvaro but if you haven't relationshipped with me you can check them out too!
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