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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Somewhere between the edge of the cage and the center of the mat, Jerry got a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was a feeling he had received many times before, despite his best attempts to ignore it. It was that feeling that told him 'hey man, you're getting in over your head. Maybe you should test the waters with one feet instead of two'. Jerry also made a habit of ignoring that feeling. After all, all the all-time greats ignored it, right? Otherwise how would cool shit ever get done?

He had yet to do any of that cool shit that'd make him the famous person he KNEW he'd one day be but damn it, that day was coming! Maybe Trav'd be an important stepping stone. Maybe this was part 1 to becoming Jerry Fury, MMA all-star. Maybe, just maybe, he was overblowing a stupid sparring session that came before the actual match which would probably be watched by 20-30 people tops, maybe 50 if he made promises like offering concessions.

Jerry reached Trav and touched a glove. He was thinking about like... maybe putting his gloves up and slamming them down like a 'AH MUST BREK HYOU' thing, but that sounded tacky. Maybe in the match proper.

"Alright dude," Jerry said, bouncing back a few steps and then hopping from side to side to get that energy a-flowin'. "Hit me with your best shot! Let's go, Pat fuckin' Benatar!"
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