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((Darius Van Dyke continued from Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba))

One might wonder why Darius took a picture of a pineapple with his phone. The reason is the irony of spamming a douche with a picture of a pineapple where a hand revealing the middle finger is shown. That douche was called SpongeBot in the IRC and linked him to this virus he managed to prevented from harming his computer. Hopefully.

Besides, he had to buy stuff. Not a pineapple, but bananas and apples, for example. Kingman's shops were favourable.

Putting the phone back into his jeans, he was walking with his shopping basket, where bananas, apples, but also ham were in it. And energy drinks, of course. Darius noticed a known face.

"Whoa, you and food together? I did not expect that", Darius said, before laughing at his own joke. He approached him and pat on Alvaro's shoulder, adding: "You're the opposite of Bart. You should really eat. It's healthy." Darius had to keep a big grin on his face while saying that.
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