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Alice tried to avoid being too judgmental of people. She figured if she didn't understand someone's circumstances, they probably had some psychological reason for their behavior, so why think badly of people when they were the person they were because of their environment?

Except Isaac Brea. He was an asshole, and anything nasty she could think to say about him wasn't enough.

Alice could only stare as Bryony raced out of the café in tears. She wanted so badly to go to her, to try to talk to her, get her to feel better. But she was emotionally drained, upset by Isaac coming up and ruining her efforts to make her friend happy again. She wasn't sure she was in the proper state to resolve her own emotions, let alone Bryony's. She just...didn't know what to say or do. She'd wait around a little while, see if Bryony returned. If not, then she'd have to go. She still needed to find a gift for her mom's birthday. That could wait, though.

Hopefully Bryony would be okay. Alice didn't know what to do anymore. She wondered if she would be a bad person for leaving Bryony by herself. Probably. She wasn't sure, but Alice knew one thing was sure. She knew for sure that something had to be done. She couldn't let that kind of person get away with their behavior, not after what she just saw.

She was going to fuck up Isaac Brea.

((Alice Baker continued in Not My Tempo))
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