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God. First he had to interrupt, and then of course he would go right to something like 'Mr. Bean.' She'd be peeved enough at the Hulk/Bull reference—ha ha, she was bulky, gee she'd never heard that one before—but really?

She wished she could say she was surprised, but she really wasn't. Bradley was of the sort who'd probably think the height of humor was a dead baby wearing a Nazi uniform. This was comparatively light and it still made her angry.

“Fuck off, Bradley. I'd ask if you had anything better to do but that'd imply your existence was relevant,” Clarice snapped. “We're trying to have a conversation, so if you could shut up for once?”

To Kimiko, she signed, “How hard would it be to 'accidentally' get him in the head with a bowling ball? Probably too hard. And I'd hate to make the carpet worse.

Once she'd signed that, she retrieved a bowling ball and sent it down the lane. It knocked down eight of the pins, leaving the ones on each of the furthest ends standing. Goddammit. This would have normally earned a light but amiable swear, but combined with the rage it just resulted in a barely suppressed urge to walk over there and kick over the other two pins.

Clarice didn't turn back to Kimiko until she'd gotten her face resembling something closer to happy again, although she couldn't keep all irritation out of her expression.
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