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Okay, so it was meat? No cauliflower or anything like that? Well, that was fine for him then. He honestly didn’t know how or why people would eat certain vegetables and actually like the tastes of them. Like, he knew that corn was a vegetable and he’d happily eat that but there was no way he could eat carrots or cauliflower without heavy amounts of gravy on the side. Did they somehow taste like a totally different thing to other people? He wasn’t sure. Might be worth checking into when he got home, although he doubted that two people could eat the same thing and have it taste different.

But anyway, there was meat in it instead of vegetables, so that was fine with him. Apparently there were spices in it, though. It wasn’t really that big of a deal, but it was going to be a problem eating it if it was too spicy. He remembered back in grade six when he went to the university to do some cultural thingy and he had some indian dish and it took him the whole bus ride home to finally eat it all due to how spicy it was. Not really a memory he wanted to revisit. Still, he could deal with it if they were as mild as Fiyori said they were, so he took the smaller breadball from her palm and held it in his. He was almost going to put it in his mouth, but would it be rude if he ate it in front of her? He didn’t know. He should probably check.

“Should I eat it here or should I wait a bit?”
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