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Mia was trying very, very hard to focus on what Nathan was saying, she really was. She managed to parse out the most important bits, at least. It was just tricky to do so when her brain seemed to be getting pulled in a million directions at once.

For instance, as she attempted to listen to Nathan, she began to worry whether she was staring at him too much. No matter how much you liked someone, just… constantly staring at them was still pretty creepy. But if she looked anywhere else, how rude would that look? She didn’t even have any food she could look at instead. It’d look as though she didn’t care about him or what he had to say, and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Fuck, this was harder than it looked. She really needed to chill.

… Shit, she also really needed to actually respond to Nathan, didn’t she?

“Uh… good. Good! Yeah, good! I’m glad dance went well. I didn’t have any, like, proper practices today, but I went down to the skate park with my BMX for a bit, and just did some, y’know, general exercises and stuff, so I hope I don’t look too bedraggled or anything, I did have a shower but, uh… yeah!”

Wow, okay. Definitely need to breath, that was a pretty important thing to do. Rambling like that was… kinda embarrassing, but hey, on the upside, at least she was obviously interested enough in Nathan to ramble, right?

“I mean, uh, are you cool with that? I could definitely help pay if you’d rather split it! Not that I don’t appreciate it or anything!”

Mia paused a moment, then attempted to put on her most charming smile.

“Also, I don’t really come here too often. I’m not really certain about the menu. You got any recommendations?”


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