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Kimiko signed before retrieving her ball. She nodded in agreement with Clarice's sentiment. They did not need Bradley being there. Kimiko channeled that annoyance into sending the ball back down the lane and wiping out the remaining pins, so that was a split. She didn't know how a split actually translated into points but it was the one below a strike. So that was good enough for her. Spinning around with a flourish Kimiko grinned at Clarice and started to sign.

"So begins my destruc-"

Only to get interrupted by Bradley. Kimiko couldn't help but shoot him a quick glare. Another thing she hated about signing, people would just talk over you. She knew it was visual and everything but it just seemed like the more polite thing to her. Granted she was biased. Kimiko shot Bradley a confused look over her nickname. Who was Mr Bean? The name was familiar but she couldn't place it. She got Clarice's name however. It said a lot about Bradley as a person.

She wobbled her hand in response to Bradley's question. She had been better before he had started talking.
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