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(( Michael Crowe Continued from Gunfight U))

Jesus Christ I am sore as a motherfucker! Michael quietly and slowly walked into class, still sore from last night's paintball fight. His lower back hurt like hell, his legs hurt, his dick hurt. Everything hurts... He lowered himself into his seat, his leather jacket creaking against the chair. He noticed something about a car driving through the woods or something, he wasn't paying attention, right now, he was focused on if that creaking noise was his jacket or his bruised as fuck skin. The car driving through the woods seemed familiar though, wonder where he saw it from? Today was horror day though, so we're probably watching the intro of some dumb teens on a joyride bef-SHIT ON MY DICK! Holy shit wow, why didn't he see that coming?! That was the German coffee commercial right? How did he forget about it? Fuck dude. That made him kinda sorta jump. He didn't need that, he already hurt enough without twitching and collapsing his spine. All he did to react was lower in his seat and make a small groan in pain.

Oh well, today was horror day, so fuck it, hype time. Mrs. Webber asked what happened, and Michael was gonna say something about it being a cheap tool to get a reaction, but Henry beat him to it. A long, long, long, really long, oh my god is Henry wearing a white T-shirt, what the fuck? long, long, oh my fucking god dude, it's a fucking two second scare, you don't need to- oh he stopped. Damn Henry, did you rehearse for this? Dude seemed so proud of himself for this.

Not long after Henry's answer, Caedyn pulled the rug out from under him and stole his five second spotlight. That was pretty rude, and that's coming from Michael. Caedyn proverbially just walked up to a puppy getting attention( that's Henry) and kicked it across the room so people would look at her. And that's terrible. Aaand she was so SMUG about it too! Eugh. Michael hated smug. Hated it more than anything. He wanted to make a 'cough "Your hair's a screamer" cough' joke, but Noah stole the screamer joke from him before he had a chance to. Damn, everyone's stealing all the words today. Of course they're saying different shit, but fuck, Michael wanted a chance to speak.

In all honesty though, he had hoped that we wouldn't just have a conversation about screamers, or jump scares or cheap scares, whatever you'd like to call them for the entirety of the class. I mean it's HORROR! Horror's more than just 'Boo! I spooked you!' right? Welp, here's your chance. Michael raised his hand. "So uhhh, when're we gonna get to 'a bit of 'da ol' ultra-violence', eh?" He did his best Alex from clockwork orange impersonation on the ultra-violence line, Fake British accent and all. "I uhh, heh, I wanna see some chainsaw action, y'know?" He chuckled as he imitated cranking a chainsaw with his arms.

What? It was a legitimate question! Especially on horror day.
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