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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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And just like that, everybody was back to not caring, just like they should. Henry was hanging on to some detail or technicality or whatever but she wasn't paying any attention. The final headline was still that she was right and he was wrong, so like, what else mattered?

Noah seemed to be having fun beside her. She knew that kind of hand way too well, though what he was losing it over was up in the air. Rudeboy fancied himself a comedian, after all. Maybe she should see one of his shows sometime? She heard he did stuff in Vegas at smaller clubs and stuff occasionally, and she loved an excuse to get back up to the city. Compared to Kingman, it was a paradise. There was hardly anything here. No wonder she spent so much time online, right.

She had to catch her own giggles when she heard Noah's comment. This class might not be so boring after all! "Oh my god," she whispered in his direction, "we have just got to swap stories sometime."
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