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((Alvaro Vacanti, continued from Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers))

And there was the ice cream, in lane two. Alvaro opened the freezer door and grabbed it, taking it out and closing the door as quick as he could. He slowly lowered the tub into the bottom of the trolley, grabbing his shopping list and moving it out of the way. That was another item off the list, although he still had a considerable amount more to go. He was about halfway through, but it seemed that most of the stuff he still had to get (fruits and vegetables, for the most part) was in one section of the grocery store. He took the pen out of his pocket, and ticked ice cream off the list, before heading out to the main section of the store. It was cold here, even with the freezer door closed, so Alvaro decided that he was going to figure out his plan of action somewhere else.

He walked through the aisle, looking at the other people who walked past him with their trolleys. Nobody he knew from school, nobody he knew who worked at the cafe. It was a little surprising, to be honest, but today was his first time shopping for the family so he wasnít really surprised that something he thought would happen didnít. The Vacantiís didnít go shopping that much, mostly because they didnít cook that often. It was a little surprising, them owning and working at a cafe and all, but when it came to all of them sitting at the dinner table, nobody really wanted to cook after a day of either cooking or working. They generally ordered take-out instead, and they shopped for only the basics that they couldnít take from the cafe; salt, pepper, fruit, and other desserts.

He was at the front of the store now, close to the counters. He wasnít quite sure what was going to happen when he had to leave the store with his things. Was he allowed to take the trolley home with him? He wasnít quite sure; again, he hadnít gone shopping before and he had no real idea of what the procedures were. He tapped his pointer finger on the handle of the trolley. What would happen if he did something wrong? Would he be laughed at? Reprimanded? Were there fines he had to pay for not following the right grocery etiquette? He looked around, partially looking for where he had to go next and partially trying to figure out what he had to do when he had finished.

He started taking a couple of steps towards the fruit and vegetable section of the store, feeling the trolley reluctantly going with him. He still wasnít quite sure what he had to do, but he had a faint idea, at least.
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