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Of course they weren't going to initiate the conversation. People had a certain illogical dislike of Bradley, one that did not need words to convey.

Actually, it was a pretty logical dislike.

Let's not lie here.

Still, there was no reason not to be civil. Not to be polite. Not to extend a path of friendship. Bowling alleys were social places after all, and interacting with these lovely ladies struck him as a much better idea than just repeatedly calling his cousins with offers to go bowling.

Bradley had mastered the Roman Bellic voice pretty well.

Bradley liked Clarice. She always reacted hilariously to even the most minor of antagonisms. And Kimiko had a trait that precious few of her fellow activists possessed. Which trait that was, he would leave unspoken.


"Well, if it isn't Mr Bean and the Incredible Sitting Bull!"

That was a clumsy nickname. Bradley hoped Clarice would get the implied reference to the Incredible Hulk there.

Also, Mr Bean was the only silent character who came to mind. His improv skills were rusty today.

"How are ya both?"
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