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Alvaro kept looking up. Even though he wanted to look away from her so bad he kept looking up. He knew the rejection was coming. There was no way she liked him, and the way he confessed to her wasn’t going to do him any favours at all… but he didn’t know. If she rejected him, wait no, when she rejected him, he wasn’t sure how he was going to feel. It no longer seemed quite like the massive, world ending event that it had been. Of course, it was still going to suck, but he felt prepared for it, felt as if he could manage it. He felt that if she rejected him, he could still talk to her, look at her when she came into the cafe every day. He looked into her eyes, prepared for what was about to happen.

But then she did something different than he thought she would. Didn’t reject him. Said that his confession was surprising. What did she mean by that? Did she… like him back? She couldn’t, no way. She didn’t like him back, he knew that the moment he opened his mouth she wasn’t going to accept him. If she said that she wanted to be in a relationship with him, he’d likely have to pinch himself because there was no way that he wasn’t in a dream if that was the case. She was going to reject him and the weird statement she said only delayed it.

But then, again, she said something totally different from what he expected.

She asked him out to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

“I… what?” No way. No way this was happening. She didn’t like him. Well, she probably liked him as a friend considering she just asked him out but there was no way she liked liked him. He didn’t know why she did that. He didn’t know whether it because they were friends or to mock him or if she was stringing him along or anything. He looked away, around the cafe. Why was she asking him? She was pretty, she was attractive, she could easily pick someone better than him. Did she like him back? He didn’t know, and it was likely he wasn’t ever going to know.

But, she did ask if he wanted to go with her; better to answer the question and figure things out later.

“Sure, I’ll go with you! I mean, um…”

His hand wasn’t shaking, but he was looking around. This was just a totally weird proposal and he didn’t know how to react to it.
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I can't think of any cutesy love songs that'd fit as a thread title, consider this a placeholder · Before the Dance