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Well, Fiyori didn’t even respond to Jeremy’s challenge on what a thief was there so he supposed that meant he won there. He pumped his fist silently as she rummaged through her bag, likely looking for something in there. What was she looking for? Jeremy didn’t know, and didn’t really care to find out. She was likely going to show him what it was, anyway, so there was no real point in trying to guess what it was. Instead, he brought his hands up to his eyes and rubbed them; it was probably afternoon by now, but he still felt kinda sleepy. Not in the way that would actually bring him sleep if he went to a bed, though, more the kind that made him barely able to feel pain. He was pretty sure that if someone cut his arm right now he wouldn’t even notice.

So then Fiyori got up with the stuff out of her bag, and they were some sort of… bread ball things? Not something he’d ever seen, and the name that Fiyori provided for him didn’t ring any bells. Still, maybe they were good? Depended on what was in it. If the stuff under the bread turned out to be like, lettuce or carrot or something there was no way he was going to eat it. Probably best to ask what was in it, just as a safety precaution. He brought his hands down from his eyes and started pulling down on his shirt again. He probably wasn’t going to be able to do anything about his sleepiness right now, so he’d just wait until it suddenly went away.

“What’s under the bread? Meat or like, super green stuff?”

Yep, super green stuff. Always the best at wordplay, Jeremy.
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