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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Noah Whitley continued from Prize Fighter))

Noah tried hard not to lose his shit when the screamer happened. He had seen the meme before and knew to wait for it to come up. Instead of watching the video, he instead turned his head and watched the faces of his classmates. Some reacted with total surprise, while others jumped up in their seats. Either way, it was a blast, and was way better than just watching the video itself.

Noah sat quietly as the class talked about jump scares and screamers. Henry seemed confident about it being a jump scare, while Caedyn chimed in with the knowledge of it being a screamer. Noah covered his mouth in order to not let out any lingering chuckles. He had been sitting near Caedyn and found it a bit amusing the way she responded to Henry, especially since she tried to use "meme-ier" unironically.

The teacher was talking on about horror tropes while Noah sighed.

"Man, if you want a real screamer, you should see the men I bring home," he muttered to himself.

Noah was sure someone around him could hear that. As long as the teacher didn't, he was fine making jokes like that and hoping that someone near him would find that amusing.
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