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Caedyn also contributed by correcting Henry. Alessio wasn't sure how to think about that. On one hand it's good for Caedyn, because she now has said something and gets a better grade. On the other hand that was kinda insulting for Henry's contribution, which was very impressive. Alessio hoped and kinda knew that Henry would not mind.

Henry ignored his question and asked him whether he watched horror movies.

Did he watch horror? No. Movies about the visuals, that were mostly blood, wasn't something for him. He preferred films about message. About plot. Also, the soundtrack of some horror movies? He wasn't into that.

Though, there's always that horror film scene where good old rock music is used to create a dissonance between the happiness of the song and the brutal scene where something bad happens. That's good use of music. But other than that it's mostly disturbing stuff or classical music pieces. Or the silence that's broken by bad acting.


Alessio wanted to reply to Henry, but he wasn't sure what to add. Besides, he did not want to get caught by the teacher talking to Henry. Though, it also could happen that Henry will continue talking about something to him and both of them get shouted at by the teacher, so why not talk.

"Do you?"
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