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Alice wanted to go off.

Isaac was being the classic pseudo-gentleman, but neither she nor Bryony wanted anything to do with it. She wanted to tell him as much. She wanted to tell him off, tell him to go screw himself, whatever it took to get him away from her friend who desperately needed to be left alone. People in the café were staring, and even Alice was getting uncomfortable. Bryony seemed petrified. She couldn't let this stand. She had to get Isaac away.

But she couldn't.

She wasn't able to. She just didn't have it in her to confront the guy, even with her friend here in need. She was too weak.

Alice felt her face flush hot with embarrassment and a creeping sense of failure as she spoke. "Uh, thanks for worrying. We're okay though. Like I said, she' just had a rough day."

Internally, Alice didn't want to, but at the same time, she felt like she had to offer Isaac something. Please him, and he might leave them alone. "If you've got a project, maybe I can help out after I get Bryony a ride?" Mom would be fine picking up the two, she figured. If it meant keeping Bryony calm, she'd risk spending more time with this guy.

She was Bree's friend. That's what friends were for.
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