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Henry beamed at Alessio, his desk neighbor, but then that one girl Caedyn piped up and corrected him! Darn, and she was right. Henry wasn't a fan, she was weird with her dreadlocks and weird stuff. Henry was weird, sometimes, but she was even weirder.

"Oh, sorry! That was technically a screamer, my bad. But jump scares are the usual movie thing, so yeah." Henry said. Hmm, that was kind of mean. He hoped Caedyn didn't take it as him dismissing him. That could end badly.

The teacher, seeming bored, nodded and started discussing film techniques used in horror, suspense and thriller films. Henry yawned, covering his mouth. Then he looked over at Alessio. "You watch horror much?" He whispered. Alessio was cool, he was friendly and Henry often talked to him during class.
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