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Not in the mood to argue about the lexical meaning of the word "thief".

Definitely in the mood to share food though. Fiyori did a playful curtsie, and reached after her bag. It didn't take long, and soon enough, Jeremy was presented with two light brown balls of bread sitting atop Fiyori's palm.


More or less. Minced meat, raw to boot, mixed with a seasoning powder including chili pepper, cinnamon, gloves and cardamon seeds, as well as clarified butter seasoned with diverse herbs.

Usually eaten in bowls with bread, Fiyori thought about making them more portable. So she simply wrapped the bread around the meat, creating small balls. Roughly with a diameter of an inch. But ah, Fiyori got a bit careless while preparing them and some were bigger, and some were smaller.

That dish was already on of the more spicier ones, but the seasonings she used for the clarified butters were...

well, she was sure Jeremy would survive.
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