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Michael finished taunted when he heard Alex yell ''Out!'' Oh shit, he did get him. As he quieted down, he heard another sound. Jonathan rushing up behind him. Michael quickly turned and ducked like he was in a western and lit up Jonathan like a pink Christmas tree. Fuck yeah! Round one won! Nadda-scratch too! Or a paint, or whatever.

Next round Michael wasn't as lucky. Maybe it was because he was too cocky, or he got tunnel vision, but when he turned on his 80's movie mode, and decided to emulate Arnold's technoir movements, it didn't end as well for him. Left arm up, holding the paintball gun with one hand, he ducked and turned corners. Looking for someone, anyone, he decided to play it slow instead of the fast paced Tony Montana he pulled earlier. He caught Jonathan in his sights, and was about to shoot him, when a large quantity of pigment based projectiles smacked him in his lower back and kidneys. Goddamn that hurt! He turned around only to see his 'killer' get Jonathan got in the forehead as he turned the corner, like that head explosion from planet terror. Fuck that was pretty cool actually.

Michael thought was gonna be hard to pee before with the kidney shots, but little did he know, it was gonna get it a lot worse in the third round. After Michael had picked off Alex, Jonathan pulled the same shoot from behind tactic he did the first round. Only this time he shot low. Michael hadn't ducked like Jonathan had planned, and instead of a head-shot, it was a head-shot. Michael went from watching The Sopranos to singing it. At least it was from a distance.
Michael took round 4 off to recuperate, while Jonathan and Alex ran circles around each other. It ended with Alex pegging Jonathan pretty quickly.

Round 5 Michael got back in, and he decided to play a bit more seriously. Mentally playing Scattle's Knock-Knock in his head, he moved slow, around cover, while sprinting across open areas. He managed to chase Alex around, until Alex tripped over a barricade he tried to vault across. Michael got him before he had a chance to get back up. Jonathan then popped out behind Michael and got him in the back. Sonufabitch he's never gonna get used to that!

On the final round Michael and Alex got into a cover war, firing back and forth. Jonathan used this to his advantage, and went ham. Sprinting down the field, he managed to get both Alex AND Michael on one bombing run of paint warfare. Shooting Alex in the back before spraying down Michael's alley he managed to catch Michael once he got out of cover to shoot back. Goddamn Johnny boy, you're crazy.

Michael walked back to his truck exhausted. That was equally fun as it was excruciating. He called out to Alex that they should do this again sometime soon. Michael noted that he was mostly hit in the lower back, but it didn't really hit him until he sat inside his truck. Oh god it was gonna hurt waay too bad to sleep tonight. Damn, he was gonna be feeling this in the morning. When he turned his truck back on, the welcoming tune of Red Rider's Lunatic Fringe filled the car. He cranked up the volume and noticed Jonathan was on his way home. Michael figured Jonathan would not have to walk, so Michael slowly drove towards him, rolling down his window. "Ayy uhh, Ey man, you need a ride back to your place?" Jonathan accepted and hopped in. "Man, you got me good." Jonathan apologized about the hit, stating it was an accident. Of course Michael knew it was an accident, but he wanted to mess with Jonathan a bit. Groin shots fucking hurt. "Yeah, maybe, but I been thinkin' you were aimin' there on purpose you know? I think you like beatin' me up." Jonathan must've knew Michael was kidding, because he digged right back. "What's the matter Mike? I thought you liked bein' beat up." Michael chuckled a bit. Damn that was savage. He hoped his negative traits weren't rubbing off on Jonathan. Michael shrugged. "Touche, aheh, can't really think of a comeback for that one." Of course the paintball war was fun, but it was moments like these, the calm after the storm that was the best. That moment you can look back on a recent event like it happened years ago, and laugh about it. It was a long drive back, but Michael didn't mind.

((Michael Crowe continued elsewhere))
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