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There he was!

A huge grin broke onto Mia’s face as she caught sight of Nathan through the window of the parlour. She had just been about to check the time on her phone again, a second after she had set it down, and she was so glad she didn’t have to check it any more. He was here! Nathan had arrived! She hadn’t been stood up at all! Everything was great!

The smile faltered a little as she caught a glimpse of herself in the glass again, and a fresh wave of doubt flooded her. Did she look good? She thought she looked good. She was normally so confident with her appearance, but all of a sudden, every hair looked out of place, and every mark on the window looked like a horrific blemish to her face. She’d spent what had probably been an hour in the bathroom earlier, fretting over her appearance, and now it all seemed like it had been a waste. She hadn’t put any makeup on aside from the very basic norm; would Nathan have preferred otherwise? Should she have taken her nose piercing out? What the FUCK was she going to do with her sunglasses?

Oh God, and now Nathan was inside the building and sitting next to her and he looked as cute as he always did. A little flushed, maybe, but it was a hot day outside, and he’d just come from his dance stuff, hadn’t he? And despite all that, he still managed to look nice, and Mia was still completely uncertain about herself.

Mia breathed in, breathed out, and slowly, the grin returned to her face. She needed to relax. She had woken up looking the same as she had the day before, no massive spots on her forehead, no bites or scratches or anything, no… giant demon horns sprouting from the top of her head. Or anything like that.

“Hey Nathan!” Mia’s voice came out a little higher pitched than normal. She cleared her throat before starting again.

“No, don’t worry! I got here early. Like, uh, super early, actually. Fifteen minutes or so, maybe? So, uh, how’d your dance stuff go?”

As Mia talked, she gradually eased back into her normal comfort zone. This was good. This was fine. She knew how to talk to people, and she knew how to talk to Nathan. It was just like back at his place, at his yard sale.

Except now they were on a date.

Yeah, that thought wasn’t really helping her ‘talk normally and don’t be so nervously giddy’ attempts.


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