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((Caedyn Miller Continued From My Friends Are Assholes))

Boooooriiiiiiing. Caedyn had seen this clip like a billion times, it was such a popular trick screamer. She knew it from the car alone, so many people snuck it into gif threads. Was anyone actually scared by it at this point? Anybody who didn't recognize it by now probably deserved it. Like, open a browser for once in your life, Ja?

But then there was little old Henry, the walking horror encyclopedia, preening like today was finally his time to shine. He seemed so proud of like, whatever he'd just rattled off about jumpscares and when you were supposed to use them, like anybody needed to know his opinion about the whole thing. Thirsty much? Besides, he was being so smug about it, like he was educating the whole class about something important instead of like, dumb trivia. Dumb trivia he was wrong about, by the way. Clearly she was the hero they needed to resolve this little issue~

"Actually," she interjected with a sweet smile, "that wasn't a jumpscare, it was a screamer. Jumpscares are mostly visual, that's why they're like, JUMP scares. But that was just a weirdo in bad make-up. The part that's all spooky in that clip is the scream, not the visual, so it's not the same thing. Screamers are like, older and meme-ier or whatever."

Never challenge a tumblerian when memes are on the line, she beamed to herself as she looked over at Henry.
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