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Jonathan listened as Ben told him that he was getting something to eat. That was understandable. He wasn't going to push the guy to play with him if he was hungry. He just shrugged his shoulders. He could just play with Darius who just said something pretty embarrassing. He let out a small 'ha' at Darius' comment.

"It's no problem, Ben. I hope you enjoy your meal." He was still being polite. Why not? He wasn't the guy who really caused trouble unless he was in a pissed-off mood. "Looks like it's just you and me, Darius. I'm going to beat your butt."

Yep. He put on his best charming smile and he hit Darius' arm lightly. "Like in that snowball fight, remember?" He was now just teasing Darius for fun right now. "That was a lot of fun. .....But I'm not going to throw a bowling ball at you. That would hurt like hell." He chuckled a little.
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