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Ben turned away, focused on the line again. Still hadn’t moved further yet. He just needed to take his mind off the situation, take his mind off Jonathan. Just… being around him knowing what he was made him feel uneasy. He raised his hands up, rubbing them through his face and through his hair. He just needed to forget about it. He was going to have fun tonight, and he wasn’t going to let anything bring it down. All he needed to do was hopefully stay here for a while and then he’d likely go away. Then he could eat, before going back to improve his bowling skill. That was a good plan. It would work. Unless Jonathan tried to interact with him then he could still enjoy his night, and he was pretty sure Jonathan was smart so-

Then Jonathan asked him if he wanted to go bowling with them and goddammit no he didn’t want to go bowling with them. Or at least, he didn’t want to go bowling with Jonathan. He was trying to be nice but he associated with the wrong people and he was fucking disgusting and Ben couldn’t handle being next to him at all. So he couldn’t accept. He couldn’t go bowling with a faggot. Luckily for him, he had his excuse.

“Sorry… I was um... planning on getting something to eat before I went bowling again.”

He chose to ignore Darius’ remark. He wasn’t a fucking retard, he knew what bowling was.
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