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Silence continued to reign through the cafe as Alvaro looked down at his hands. They had stopped shaking again, but they no longer told how Alvaro was feeling. He messed up. He had messed up in front of Lily and now he couldn’t even look at her. And who knew what she thought of him now? Even if she didn’t hate him, would she still want to associate with someone she knew liked her? He could feel his mind tense; he hadn’t gone through the situation as usual and now there were some consequences he was only now thinking of, like usual. It was how he played the game of chess, it was how he played the game of life, and he was equally terrible at both.

Eventually, he looked up - he couldn’t look down and pretend to hide, he had to face the music at some point - and he saw that her face was red. Oh no oh no oh no she was flustered. He admitted he did it so now she was awkward and he was awkward and everyone in the room was awkward now. He needed to say something, he needed to break the tension in some way but he couldn’t think of anything.


Wait, no. He needed to say something. He needed to say something that’d make things okay again and would create a chance that Lily would talk to him again and he needed to say something that wasn’t him umming all the time. He needed to apologize to Lily. Yeah, that was it. Say sorry for messing up so that Lily might talk to him again and hopefully forget that this ever happened.

“I’m… sorry… about that.”

Silence still reigned in the cafe, and Alvaro's chair still wasn't comfortable. He didn't really notice, at this point.
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I can't think of any cutesy love songs that'd fit as a thread title, consider this a placeholder · Before the Dance