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Jeremy was… pretty sure that was the definition of a thief. Jeremy wasn’t quite sure about the specifics, but he knew that Fiyori took the 3DS somewhere at the party, kept it to herself, and kept Mario Kart when she gave the 3DS back. He wasn’t quite sure what he’d find if he searched up thief in a dictionary (and he doubted that he’d see a picture of Fiyori next to it, that phrase/saying/whatever never made sense to him and always seemed kinda dumb), but he was pretty sure it’d be close to “somebody who takes something from someone without asking them.” He decided to voice this out, smirking at Fiyori slightly.

“You… kinda took it from Darius without asking, if I remember this correctly. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of a thief.”

He took a couple steps backwards, taking care of what was behind him until he was up against a wall. He leaned back on it once he reached it. He was starting to like this. He’d probably want to move somewhere else since he was kinda uncomfortable talking to someone standing up, but he could deal with that. It was more comfortable leaning on the wall, after all.

She then asked him if he wanted something to eat. He was… still a little skeptical about this, but hey, he’d bite, depending on what it was.

“Depends, what is it?”
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