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Suddenly the room had gotten heavier than a ten tonne anvil, as half the people tried to leave and the other half were telling her to calm down.

And that was supposed to be her fault?

‘Hey Vanessa, we know you like being the singer, but you’re a really bad singer so we brought in this random theatre geek you barely know to replace you. That cool with you?’

Cause yeah, everyone and anyone would react well to that. Fuckin’ tactile as fuck.

That said, Brady was right about the yelling not getting anything done. She didn’t calm down, but she did fold her arms in with an aggressive huff, putting on a juvenile pout for good measure. She was pissed off, but that didn’t mean she didn’t give a shit or that she wanted everyone to be pissed at her. She didn't want to look stupid, either, so once in a while it was better to just pause.

“…fine.” She muttered between gritted teeth. “Hey, Coleen.” She called across the room, spotting her trying to head off before they were done here. “If you’re a good singer then let’s hear you sing.”

And no crap stage songs either. If she was going to do what P.C. did then she was going to show that she could sing P.C. style.

“Sing…” she lingered, looking around the room for an idea. A Deep Purple album, lying amongst a dozen others, caught her eye.

“…Smoke on the Water. Sing Smoke on the Water.”

Because everyone had to at least know how that one went, unless they really were just completely out of touch with good music. Hell, she’d even play along if Coleen needed that kind of hand holding.

And if she happened to fuck up or not know the song, then that would just make this that much quicker for everyone.
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