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((Samuel Howard continued from TROUBLE))

Samuel loved weekends. It gave him two whole days to kick back, relax, and push off school and other stressors. Samuel usually spent these days writing, binge watching Investigation Discovery or scrolling through Tumblr. This routine was only rarely interrupted by his relatives, but also when, under certain circumstances, he could invite a special someone over.

The latter opportunity presented itself yesterday evening. His father told him he'd be out on errands, and Nanna would be spending the day visiting an old friend. This gave Samuel the whole house to himself for several hours.

And what did Samuel do with all this free time?

Invite his girlfriend over, of course.

Samuel texted Penelope and asked her to come over around noon. This gave him about an hour before she'd arrive.

Enough time to prepare a little treat.

He peered into the oven, checking the sugar cookies for the umpteenth time. They hadn't turned golden brown just yet. Samuel sighed and leaned on the counter, taking out his phone to scroll through Tumblr. He thought of what they'd do together. When Penelope was over, they always just hung out. They'd watch a movie or play video games, or just snuggle. It was Samuel's typical lazy day, except with Penelope. He was looking forward to a carefree day spent with her.

His only worry was that the cookies wouldn't be ready when she'd arrive.

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