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Hm. She couldn't put a finger on it. Mostly because that would be kinda inappropiate with Jeremy. But mainly because he was somewhat of a mystery. Fiyori thought she had a good grasp on people's feelings. Jeremy however, confounded her. He wasn't mad at her, he wasn't happy to see her, but that wasn't to say he was feeling neutral either.

Alright. She could work with that?

"I am not a thief... at least not with stuff like video games. Too bad for Darius he just can't catch me."

They actually shared some classes. Fiyori got reprimanded once for stretching her tongue out at Darius. She thought she was sublte! But anyway, she wanted to see when he'd snap and just throw a chair at her.

"Ah right, I remember, I wanted to give you something! Got extra lunch with me, if you want."

Fiyori smirked at Jeremy. She hoped he liked it hot.
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