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Brendan gave a small nod and he looked a bit thoughtful. "This must sound crazy to come from me. But what if we work on a story together? Like maybe you can come up with the idea and I could write it as a story." He suggested as he thought that it would be an interesting thing to do with her.

Then he would have to invite Alba over to his home if she was up for it. He was slightly red in the face. He had never had a girl over at his home. He would always go over to his friends' houses. He wasn't going to push it as they were only starting to get to know each other.

"Y-Yes. I do want to be an author one day. I just need to get my stories out there and hope for the best." He took another sip of his drink and he shifted a little to get more comfortable. "This feels very relaxing. Talking to you."

He laughed gently and he shook his head slightly, staring up at the sky. "I think I'm glad that I bumped into you, Alba...." He glanced back at her with a kind smile. "I'm sorry. That doesn't make me sound silly. Does it...?"
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