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Kimiko accepted the shoes from Clarice and nodded towards the person at the counter, it was the best thank you she was able to give. Turning and following Clarice to their lane, it was number three. That was a lucky number, Kimiko smiled to herself, Clarice was going down. She sat down and got to work pulling her own shoes off and putting the bowling alley's shoes on. Clarice was asking if she wanted to go first or not, Kimiko gave a shrug it didn't matter to her.

Watching Clarice sign as she put her shoes on Kimiko waved off her concern. She finished putting one of the shoes on before replying.

"Mayor Lai is boycotting meetings, things are still looking good for the elections. So it's nothing to worry about, just annoying." She slipped her foot into the other shoe. "I'm good though"

After slipping the other shoe on Kimiko looked up to see something that actually did bother her. Standing in lane four was Bradley Floyd, it was fitting that he would be in that lane. Four was bad luck after all, it sounded like death. Not that Kimiko thought Bradley was the embodiment of death. That was stupid. She would however prefer to be dead than talk to him. It could be interpreted as an example of Wu Wei.

"I'll go first." Kimiko signed as she stood up and grabbed a ball, taking care not to acknowledge Bradley. Taking two steps towards the line Kimiko released the ball and waited to see the result. Six. Not bad and not good.

"How're you anyway?" She asked as she waited for the ball to be returned. It was the polite thing to do, Clarice was her friend after all.
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