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Brendan blinked. And then he blinked again. What Alba had just said to him was genius! Not for real life, of course. He wouldn't want to doom America over being a big klutz at heart. He thought that it was a genius idea for a story. Then he would write about body horror. It would freak people out and they would think that it is gross and disgusting. But they would still read it! He was now inspired to use Alba's idea in the future. He would also give credit to her for it.

Brendan cleared his throat and he let out a small chuckle. "That sounds like it would be pretty cool for the virus one.... For a story or the plot of a horror sci-fi movie. You ever thought of being a writer, Alba?" He asked curiously as he opened his bottle and he took a sip. He pulled a small face. He wasn't really a fan of this drink but it had to do for now. "I'm been writing some short stories. Maybe I could show them to you some time. What do you think?"

....Wait. He just told her his secret. Wow. Maybe Alba was making him feel confident enough to open up to her.
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