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Lily didn't respond for a while. It was probably a very good thing that Alvaro had looked down, because for a moment she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Then she shifted her position so that she was resting her chin on it, moving the fingers so they curled in front of her mouth. It still couldn't cover her entire expression, including the redness flooding into her face, but at least now she couldn't be sure she wouldn't let out a nervous laugh. Or any kind of laugh, really. She didn't actually think it was funny, but sometimes laughter just happened.

This… had not been what she expected. She'd assumed he was having an off day, not… this.

She was not sure how to proceed.

Did she like Alvaro? Of course she did. He was nice. Smart. Decent conversationalist for the most part without being overbearing. She supposed he was easy on the eyes, which didn't hurt any. That confession had been… nice. Sweet, even. And it wasn't like he could be worse than Caedyn.

But did she like him in that way?


For whatever reason, she just didn't. She knew what those feelings felt like. She'd had them for Caedyn. For a couple of other people, though in those cases unreturned. And this just wasn't it.

An apology rose in her throat, but got stuck there. Alvaro was shaking. Not looking at her. This part of the whole crush experience was new to her. Caedyn had not been the shy type.

She thoughtfully gnawed on one of her fingers for a moment.

“...I see.”

Really? Was that all she could say? 'I see?' That could mean anything! Lily shut her eyes for a moment, annoyed at herself.

“Wait, I mean... Well. That's… that's, uh...”

She trailed off.
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