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((Bradley Floyd continued from My Friends Are Assholes))

Oh, they had picked the wrong lane.

Well, it wasn't really their choice. The bowling alley assigned you lanes, based on some complex coding algorithm that was incomprehensible to the human eye, based on scientifically rigorous marketing and space allocation concerns designed to squeeze as much refreshment money as possible out of the clientele.


Or they just picked lanes based on random number generators.

Clarice and Kimiko disliked Bradley. That much was obvious, even when Bradley did not understand a word of Kimiko's sign language and did not listen to a word of Clarice's constant whiny blabbering. But from their tone, their expression, their general aura, it was obvious they had a low view of Bradley. And Bradley couldn't blame them for that.

But at the same time, it meant his bowling experience just got a lot more fun.

He grinned like a maniac.
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