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Outloud, she asked the person at the counter for two games and two sets of shoes. Soon, they sent Clarice and Kimiko to Lane 3. Clarice grinned as she pushed Kimiko's bowling shoes into her hands before trotting towards the lane.

She recalled going bowling with her mother the last time her mother came to visit her instead of Clarice going to her. Clarice had always preferred visiting her mother than vice versa, since it meant also connecting with the part of her family that lived in Kayenta, and had always done so since getting her licence. But she remembered it being fun. Her mother was similarly competitive.

Do you want to go first? Should I?” she signed, once she'd put her shoes on the ground and dropped into a chair so she could put them on. “Also, how are things? I saw you going—“ Clarice made an exaggerated sigh. “—for a moment right when I was coming in. While looking at your phone? Anything up?

Once she was done, she started putting on her shoes. The only real issue with ASL is that she couldn't really do it when her hands were busy. Any chatter would have to be crammed in between rounds. Not too different than only being able to talk between mouthfuls of food during a meal, and on her part she could say things outloud if she really had to. She preferred to keep it ASL with Kimiko when possible, though. That just seemed like good etiquette.
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