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Oh yeah, Brokencyde. That was something he’d heard of before. Not really something he had heard of before, considering his main experience with the band was from Darius playing his prank playlist while trying and failing to be funny and he had heard all the songs from there so many times that they all just kinda blended in together after a while, so he knew that they existed, but nothing else. “Which one was Brokencyde again? I’ve heard of them before but I forget what they sounded like.” Maybe he chose to forget it? He doubted it. He kinda just had an uncanny ability to remember things which totally sucked because sometimes he got spoiled on a plot element of a game or he saw the winner of a Survivor season because he clicked on one too many links. If he somehow managed to forget something that sucked, he’d be surprised.

BB then went ahead and explained the band’s genre. Hard Rock/Metal, not a genre that he listened to much, but not something that he was naturally averse to like most types of classical. She went on to name the bands they sounded like and… nope. None of the bands BB named were stuff Jeremy had heard of before. Well, he had heard the name of Queens of the Stone Age before, but none of their songs, and the names of the others were completely new to him. He stared blankly for a bit. He looked kinda dumb, didn’t he? He kinda liked considering himself to be well known in music and here he was being told about bands that he had never heard of before. Maybe he should actually pursue for new music to listen to, rather than just listening to the same stuff over and over again for a month. Maybe then he could back up his claims.

Thankfully, BB went on and started talking about something he actually knew about, and… wait, who was the piano kid in Peanuts again? He knew that he was totally focused on the piano and that Lucy had a crush on him (which kinda made the comparison a little odd, to be honest) and goddammit Jeremy you were in a Peanuts obsession phase for a month during year 10 you should know this. He knew that it started with an S, and that it was a name kinda familiar to him. S… S…

“Schroeder?” Jeremy asked. It seemed right, but it still felt kinda unfamiliar to him. “Besides, I’m the one here who’s won awards for his piano playing skills. You’re the one who should be leaning on the piano watching, not me.” He let a grin show as he chuckled a bit, before going back to his regular smile.
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