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Jeremy laughed. Not an actual laugh, mind you. A fake laugh, something you put up for show when you need to emphasise something. Nothing about Fiyori asking him if his accusation had anything to it was funny, he was just laughing for the sake of his response.

“Nope. I had nothing behind that accusation. I figured that I was in a witch trial so I accused someone else randomly to see if it stuck. As you probably know, I was right, but the accusation didn’t stick.”

Which still fucking sucked by the way. Being in a kangaroo court where nothing you said mattered and everyone was out to get you wasn’t really Jeremy’s idea of fun. Especially with Cadeyn around. He was able to ignore her then for the most part but she just sucked all the fun out of the surrounding area just by appearing. He could be in fucking Nirvana and yet she’d still be able to ruin it just by showing up. That was the magic of the cassowary.

Fiyori then said that yes, she had decided to keep Mario Kart 8. Jeremy laughed, for real this time. God, Darius had been so pissed when he found out. It was kinda like the beginning of his 3DS witchhunt minus the whole “Cadeyn appears and Jeremy gets accused” part. Fiyori seemed actually fun, even if she was kind of an asshole for blaming him. She wasn’t like Bradley where her assholery had an air of mild annoyance that got under his skin enough. Maybe he could actually be friends with her.

Well, so long as she didn’t accuse him of any crimes again, at least.

“Aww, it’s kind of a shame that you’re going to give it back to him. I was kinda hoping that you would have given it to someone else. It would have been fun to see him squirm some more.”

Admittedly. Jeremy didn’t really think of himself as an asshole or a bad person, but he had to admit it was fun to see a couple people in his school wriggle around a bit. Only like, the bad people though. He used his assholery for the power of good, even though he hadn’t had a chance to use it this year yet.
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