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"Brokencyde's the first thing that comes to mind," BB said. Hopefully Jeremy wasn't actually a closet Brokencyde fan. Someone theoretically had to like the group since it had sold a good number of albums, but BB had most recently heard about them in the context of their attempt to crowdfund a new album drawing less than forty backers. She was pretty sure even Peyote Coyote could pull more than that.

"And we're sort of hard-rock-slash-metal," she said. There was actually a very specific term for the genre Peyote Coyote fell into—stoner rock—but that wasn't something BB wanted to advertise right off the bat for several reasons. It wasn't a term that meant much to people who weren't at least loosely associated with the musical subculture, yet at the same time it was an unfortunately loaded term that could convey an incorrect, or at least partially so, impression. It had taken some work for BB to convince her family that the band's name was totally ironic. She had no idea what Jeremy would make of a more blunt summation, and even if she doubted he'd care too much, there was no reason not to tread a little lightly. Especially since he sounded like he might actually be interested, and when BB thought about it, she sort of liked the idea of Jeremy showing up to one of their shows.

"We kind of sound like Mastodon, The Sword, Torche, Queens of the Stone Age, that sort of thing," she said, naming a bunch of iconic stoner rock bands so just on the off chance Jeremy was familiar with the scene he'd get a clear picture. "And then, when we're working on my favorite stuff, we sound a little like Earth and Sleep."

She searched Jeremy's face for any hint of recognition.

"I also do some piano and keyboard, in case you want to be the Lucy to my... shoot, who was the guy who played piano in Peanuts?"
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