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“How big a breakup are we talking about here? Would it get more tweets than the Germanwings Crash?”

Jeremy smiled, slightly, to keep the jokey mood going; but it was fairly clear that BB was serious when she said that. Her smile had dropped a bit, her tone became more… serious? Somber? He wasn’t quite sure what the appropriate word was, but it seemed slightly sadder than before. How much did she care about the band? Clearly she wanted people to see her play, considering her invitation for him to see them play, but Jeremy figured that if he was part of a band he’d not want any of his friends to know about it, kinda like some of his other musical stuff, really. Eh, he didn’t really know. BB was a different person and he doubted that everybody thought things the way he did. What he did know though was that she invited him over for a show, and he should probably respond to that.

“Depends? What genre do you do?”

He shifted his back, started pulling down his shirt.

“I mean, you’re great and all, you’re probably going to have to drag me if it was like, a…”

Wait, what was a shitty band that he could use as an example? Like, not so bad it's good like B-Shoc, something actually terrible which wasn’t too much of a common target like Nickelback.

“Hang on, what's a terrible band I can say that you're a cover band of as an example of something I wouldn't listen to? Literally nothing is coming to my mind except for Nickelback and that's too easy a joke to make.”
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