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i'm a boss ass bitch (bitch bitch)
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Jane continued to read Gone With The Wind, but her mind wandered while doing so. There were so many things she could be doing. She could be sailing the world, or god knows, just something other than being in school. Not that Jane was the kind of person who would skip school, but today, she wished she was.

Hearing Nate shout her name, Jane was suddenly interrupted from her thoughts. It was certainly one way to get somebody's attention. Even so, it couldn't hurt to go over and talk with them, couldn't it? "Well, why not? I'll be there in a few seconds."

Jane walked over to the table where everybody was seated, and took a seat. "So, hi again, I guess? I'm Jane, and what are your names?" Like, Jane wished she could probably be anywhere at this point, but maybe it would be a good idea to go and talk with some people. and try not be a bitch. Well, at least try.

Seeing Lani offer citrus balls, Jane's mouth watered. All this reading made her hungry, although- Well, fuck it. She'd at least ask, that was polite enough, right? "Oh, those look really good. Could I get one?" If Jane was being denied, it would not be for a lack of politeness. Not today, at least.
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