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“Oh, sure! If Lani doesn’t mind.” Nate smiled, plucking up the courage to go for one of the balls without waiting for permission first, savouring a modest, yet zesty bite. “Mmm, these are great!”

Chewing and swallowing, he looked back and forth between Josh and Lani with a content smile. This was exactly what he needed after panicking for half the afternoon: some friendly people who were happy to lend a hand and who were happy to have him around too. The tasty baking was just an added bonus.

Still, he couldn’t help but catch sight of Jane over at the other table. Sat there all alone, even though she’d taken the time to stop and say hi. How was it fair that she didn't get any company either? Nate may have found Jane intimidating a lot of the time, but that didn't mean she should've been left out without a thought.

Oh, right, Josh had asked him a question.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, I’m really bad at math.” He nodded, but still distracted by Jane. She really did look left out, and maybe she just needed an invitation? The worst she could do was say she was busy, he figured. Which was fine.

“Hey, Jane?” he called, a deal louder than he really should’ve in a library. “Did you want to come study with us?”

“I mean, as long as that’s okay with you guys.” He asked, consideration drawn back to his two present companions. After all, he was the guest in this study session.
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