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She'd felt worse, but she'd also felt better.

A few minutes before she had started to head off to the meeting, Emma had spent a few minutes in the bathroom looking at herself. That fatigue that floated around inside her like a fog was still as omnipresent as ever, but honestly, it could be worse. It wasn’t the best she felt, but it wasn’t the worst, either. That was the funny thing about living with chronic illness. It made you think about what you can do, and whether or not you can do it right at that moment. She felt like she could do her duties as President today, though. Again, she’d felt a lot worse than this. Resting a few minutes after class was dismissed, then going to the restroom to make sure she didn’t look too out of it, only made her more confident.

Besides, today they were discussing the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Emma was excited for it. All of it. Discussing it. Planning for it. Decorating for it. Actually attending it. Everything.

Sometime after she left the bathroom, she made her way towards the student council room, a bright red folder visible in her arms. This was where she kept her agendas, notes, and other information needed for meetings. It was always good, especially for the President, to come prepared.

As she entered the student council room, she saw that there were only two people here so far. It was early, though. They were probably going to pile in as it got closer to the proper time.

“Hey Bridgette! Hey Conrad!” she said, a small smile on her face as she sat down and placed the folder on the table.

Even with that familiar fog, she could still be perky.

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