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Kimiko paused for a moment as Clarice asked her the question.

"Let's say two games?" She shrugged, seemed as good a number as any. "Size 6."

She always remembered that American sizes was larger after an incident after she'd been over for around six months. She had been wanting a new pair of trainers and her parents had surprised by buying a pair. Needless to say they were extremely tight and after causing her to rub the skin off her ankle her parents traded them in for a size up. She had marks from that for what felt like forever at the time. In reality it had probably been three months. She hadn't made the mistake again though and neither had her parents. It had become a little in-joke between them whenever someone wanted shoes as a present. Other people would probably think that it was stupid but it meant something to them.

"We won't need three games. I'll beat you too bad."

Kimiko had no memory of every winning at bowling, but Clarice didn't need to know that. Not if they were just throwing trash talk back and forth. She found having an entire conversation without anyone actually saying a word normal. Sign language was the normal method of communication when she was at home. Her mum and dad had both learned it so that she wouldn't feel left out, it did make meals take longer than normal because you would have to stop and sign out what you wanted to say but there was something pleasant about it. A family happily communicating in silence. Having Clarice over when they were younger had been interesting, as she knew ASL and her parents knew TSL. The closest comparison Kimiko could find was if one person was talking Spanish they had learned in Mexico and the other had learned it in Spain. They would be able to understand bits, like a picture half drawn. Luckily everyone knew English so they had always had a backup.
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